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Message from VFUA's Goodwill Abassador Tran Nguyen Uyen Linh
Thursday, 31 March 2011 14:22

thong_diepI feel so surprised and very happy to be appointed by Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations as the Goodwill Ambassador on Youth who has a mission of spreading out the messages of UN International Year of Youth and Vietnam Year of Youth. I acknowledge that this mission is not only the proud but first and foremost it is a responsibility - a great responsibility for me. It is not an one-off mission but a long term plan that I would participate in with a spirit of endurance and a great love for Vietnamese youth.

On this occasion, I would like to express my deep appreciation to Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations for having confidence in me and entrusting me with this meaningful mission.

Interestingly, the UN International Year of Youth and Vietnam Year of Youth is celebrated in the same year, 2011. This is also the year that the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations would celebrate its 30th anniversary of establishment and the 8th World Congress of WFUCA will be held in our country. Therefore, this year has a lot of sense to me – a young member of Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations.

To be appointed by Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations to convey the message of UNESCO and Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations on matters of youth to Vietnamese young people, first of all, I would like to appeal to all of you, as Vietnamese citizens, to join together and actively respond to the activities in promoting Vietnam Year of Youth. Also, as the global citizens, let join with me to advocate the messages of the International Year for Youth by setting up a motto for our long-term action. First of all, it is the self-raising awareness to understand that today we are living in an interdependent world and that world is becoming increasingly small with full of great opportunities and also challenges – In this world, the young people like us are confronted with many options. Whether our world will develop and maintain sustainable development, whether our world can reduce the consequences of climate change threatening our civilization, whether the peoples are free from injustice and inequality or not, whether the mankind can live in a sustainable peace in the future or not... All of these depend mostly on the 1 billion and 200 million young people aged from 15 to 25 on this planet like us.

I hope that the Vietnamese youth, inheriting the tradition of our ancestors, accompany with our creativity and resilience of 8x and 9x generations, will join together and act for our homeland and for a better world. We will live more sefl-consciously, more usefully for ourselves, for our beloved ones, for our compatriots and for the whole world with a sense of highest responsibility: The responsibility of Vietnamese young generation.



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