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CONSTITUTION - Article 1 – Objectives and Functions
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Article 1 – Objectives and Functions
Article 2 – Headquarters
Article 3 – Membership Status
Article 4 – Organs
Article 5 – World Congress
Article 6 – Executive Board
Article 7 – Secretariat
Article 8 – Advisors
Article 9 – Procedures
Article 10 – Finances
Article 11 – Amendments and Dissolution
Article 12 – Entry into Force
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Article 1 – Objectives and Functions

Section 1 – Objectives

The objectives of the World Federation shall be:

1.    to further the ideals of UNESCO:

a.    to promote international understanding and education, with a particular view to the effective exercise of human rights and the endogenous and sustainable development of all peoples;

b.    to foster dialogue among nations and peoples with a particular view to advancing mutual understanding among the different cultures and civilizations of the world;

c.    to promote the utilization of science and technology for peaceful purposes, for the welfare of humanity;

d.    to promote in all societies the right of every person and every people to a cultural identity, with due regard for cultural diversity;

e.    to ensure in the management of human activities the preservation of the natural environment for present and future generations;

2.    to further the programmes, priorities and guidelines of UNESCO;

3.    and, to that end, to strengthen and encourage the development of UNESCO Clubs, Centres

and Associations.

Section 2 – Functions

To achieve these objectives, the World Federation shall have the following functions:

a.    to organize and support the coordinated and mutually supportive joint action of its members;

b.    to assist in the establishment of national and regional Federations where none yet exist, on the basis of UNESCO’s definition of regions;

c.    to lend support to national and regional Federations of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations, and to Clubs, Centres and Associations in countries where no national coordination structure exists;

d.    to evaluate its member structures in liaison with the National Commissions and with UNESCO;

e.    to promote the gender balance and the presence of youth in the organs of the Federation;

f.    to improve the mechanisms for permanent linkages among national and regional Federations of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations throughout the world;

g.    to foster cooperation between these Federations and the Associated Schools and other UNESCO networks;

h.    to develop the circulation of information by helping to improve the preparation, collection, distribution and exchange of printed, audiovisual and digital materials;

i.    to provide training for members of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations by all appropriate means;

j.    to organize exchange programmes, workshops, symposia and seminars;

k.    to establish international documentation centres for the use of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations;

l.    to organize or facilitate fund-raising campaigns for financing its programmes;

m.    to take any action directed towards the achievement of its aims.



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