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Article 3 – Membership Status

Section 1 – Categories of Members

The World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations shall be composed of six categories of members:

1.    Full members (direct): national coordination structures or Federations of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations (ACU), covering at least three ACUs regularly established for at least one year under the supervision of the National Commission. No more than one direct full member may be admitted per country. They shall be entitled to vote at the World Congress subject to payment of the dues set out in this Constitution;

In a derogatory way, national entities not fulfilling the threshold criterion (at least three ACUs regularly established, for at least one year) can become full members according to the particular definitions of the Rules of Procedure.

2.    Full members (indirect): the College of UNESCO Centres having the status of internationally recognized centres. The College may vote at the World Congress under the conditions laid down in the Rules of Procedure. Its constituent Centres, however, may not vote individually but shall act in an advisory capacity;

3.    Corresponding members: ACU structures recommended by a country’s National Commission for UNESCO that have yet to be federated at national level or to attain the number stipulated in subparagraph 1 of this article. They shall act in an advisory capacity until progress has been made towards the setting up of a national Federation;

4.   Advisory members: UNESCO, National Commissions for UNESCO and regional Federations;

5.    Associate members: international non-governmental organizations having official relations with UNESCO or with the other Specialized Agencies of the United Nations, and demonstrating a special interest in ACU activities;

6.    Honorary members and benefactors: structures or individuals that have rendered or are likely to render services to the ACU movement, or that simply represent values close to the ideals championed by ACUs.

Section 2 – Admission

Any structure or individual wishing to join the World Federation as one of the above-mentioned categories of members (Section 1) must submit:

1.    A request to the President of the World Federation, specifying the category of membership for which they are applying. This must be accompanied by a brief description of the structure, a copy of the constitution, rules of procedure, a copy of the minutes of its constitutive general assembly and, if appropriate, activity reports and a list of members and their addresses; 

2.    A letter of recommendation from a National Commission for the Federations (or, failing that, sponsorship of one or two sister Federations, or alternatively an explanation for the absence of such a letter).

The request shall be examined by the Secretariat, which will carry out a basic check before presenting it, together with technical details, at the next session of the Executive Board.

Provisional admission or refusal shall be determined the Executive Board by a decision with explanation. Applicants granted provisional admission shall be notified in writing by the President, and asked to settle their dues for the current year within 60 days.

Final admission shall be determined by the World Congress.


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