GENERAL RULES - 2. The Executive Board
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2. The executive Board

Article 6 - Members of the Executive Board

1.     According to article 6 section 1, the Executive Board consists, in addition to the elected members, of ex-officio members. They are admitted as ex-officio members of the Executive Board, the representatives of National Federations, having 20 years of existence and including at least a hundred (100) active clubs along with the representative of the College of the Centres.

2.     Members of the Executive Board, with the exception of the ex-officio members, shall hold office in a purely personal capacity and shall neither request nor accept instructions from any other source, including their own Federation and National authorities. Ex-officio members represent their federation or structure of provenance.

Article 7 – Replacement of a member

1.     Should any member of the Executive Board be unable to carry out his or her responsibilities in the course of his or her term of office, the Executive Board shall record the impediment and proceed to replace him or her by asking a person from the same region to fulfil his or her mandate until the end of the normal term.

2.     The person who thus replaces a member may be re-elected only for one further term.


Article 8 - Replacement of the President

1.     That which is meant by the term of "impediment" in Article VI – 2(a) of the Constitution is the sudden death or resignation of the President, or an illness which, in the opinion of two thirds of the members of the Executive Board , prevents him or her from carrying out his or her duties.

2.     In the event of the impediment of the President, the Executive Board appoints one of the Vice-Presidents as Acting President. He or she will remain in the position until the next Congress. He or she is eligible once.Article 9 – Bureau

1.     The Bureau may be convened by the President between two sessions of the Executive Board.

2.     It may take urgent decisions between two sessions of the Executive Board.

3.     The other members of the Board shall be informed of decisions taken by the Bureau.

4.     These decisions must be ratified by the following sessions of the Executive Board.


Article 10 - Sessions

1.     The Executive Board shall be convened by the President; the Secretary General shall inform the members of the Board.

2.     If, under any exceptional circumstances, a member of the Board is unable to take part in all or part of its deliberations, he or she may appoint a deputy from the same region to replace him or her after agreement of the President.

3.     On the invitation of the Executive Board, one or more observers may be permitted to attend the deliberations of the Board.

4.     At the request of the President, the Secretary General or two of its members, the Board may meet in closed session, excluding non-members from taking part.

5.     The Executive Board may form working committees, made up of members of the Board and Advisors, if necessary.

Working committees shall be set up according to need; the Executive Board as a whole shall ultimately decide whether or not to accept the proposals of the working committees.

6.     At each session, the Executive Board shall fix the time and location of the following session. The decision can, if necessary, be made by the President with the agreement of the Bureau.

7.     At each session, the Board shall examine cooperation requests sent by full members and shall decide whether or not the World Federation is to participate on the basis of information contained in the WFUCA Cooperation Request forms.

8.     The agenda for the session may be modified by a simple majority decision of members of the Executive Board.

9.     In the event of a tie vote in the Executive Board, the president’s vote will decide.

10.  A report shall be drawn up on proceedings at each session of the Executive Board, which will be given wide circulation by the Secretariat of the World Federation.

11.  Between two sessions of the Board, the President may consult the members in writing; these consultations shall guide the decisions of the Bureau.


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