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3. Secretariat

Article 11 – Secretary General

1.     The Secretary General shall be in charge of the administration of the secretariat of the World Federation; he or she shall carry out his or her duties under the president’s authority and in strict compliance with the Constitution and General Rules of the World Federation.

He or she is recruited for a fixed period, which does not go beyond the President’s mandate. The President signs his or her work contract, which is renewable and must conform with the work legislation of the place where the headquarters of the World Federation are, especially concerning working hours, social security and suspension procedures. It must also include the competent tribunal, in case of a litigation.

2.     In cooperation with the Treasurer, the Secretary General shall draft the programme and budget guidelines for the period between two sessions of the World Congress. Together with the Treasurer, he or she shall prepare the annual draft programme and draft budget in accordance with the priorities laid down by the World Congress.

3.     He or she shall coordinate and implement the working programmes and present a report on activities of each session of the Executive Board.

4.     At least one month before it is due to meet the Secretary General shall submit to the Executive Board the draft working programme approved by the President and the budget which he or she has prepared under the supervision of the Treasurer.

5.     Following the decisions of the Executive Board, its members will be sent the definitive programme by the Secretary General.


Article 12 - Acting Secretary General

1.     In the event of the sudden death, dismissal or resignation of the incumbent, or a serious illness which, in the opinion of the Bureau, prevents him or her from carrying out his or her duties for a prolonged period, the post of Secretary General becomes vacant.

2.     In this case, the President, with the approval of the Bureau, shall appoint one of its members or any other person of its choice as an Acting Secretary General, pending recruitment of a new Secretary General to serve for the unexpired portion of the original term.


Article 13 - Secretariat

1.     The appointed Secretary General shall make an organic framework towards the Bureau, which adopts it after consulting the Executive Board. This framework also describes the vacancies he or she wants to create in the secretariat.

He or she also submits to the Bureau a list of names for filling these vacancies.

2.     The Secretariat shall implement the decisions of the Executive Board, and fulfil its role of informing, communicating, coordinating and stimulating. It shall defend the material and moral interests of each member in accordance with the directives of the Executive Board and World Congress.


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