Activities of Ireland in 2010
Tuesday, 07 December 2010 15:36

P_6_Full_house_at_the_ECO-UNESCO_Young_Environmentalist_Awards_Ceremony1UN Earth Day:

ECO-UNESCO Clubs helped other young people to get a hands-on conservation experience. The group took on the rehabilitation of hedgerows and other conservation activities as part of the ‘Greening the Suburbs’ initiative.

Tree Week
Urban Safari:

Exploring the role of trees in the built environment and ‘Greening the City’, young people finished their safari in Merrion Square planting a tree to celebrate Tree Week.

Biodiversity Week:

Young people took part in interactive quizzes, sensory displays, games and DIY investigations of the natural environment amongst other activities to celebrate Biodiversity Week.

Car Free Day:

On this ECO-UNESCO Clubs action day, participants were given a toolkit with a menu of ‘Car Free Actions’ which they could took locally to reduce private vehicle use during EU Mobility Week.

Clubs Events and Actions:

Also took place on UN World

Environment Day, Biosphere Day and Stop Climate Chaos events among others.

Peer Education Programme:

The ECO-UNESCO Clubs Youth for Sustainable Development Peer Education Programme uses interactive learning techniques to inspire, motivate and challenge young people to take action in favour of sustainable development.  The programme encourages young people to develop an awareness of global issues linking their own lives to young people in the developing world.  Throughout the programme, ECO-UNESCO Club members gain a deeper understanding of sustainable development on a local and global level. They are trained in communication, facilitation and team building skills. After completing the 12 week workshop programme, completing a community based action project with peers and facilitation practice sessions supervised by ECO-UNESCO staff, the participants become peer educators who then bring their skills back to their own communities multiplying the positive impact of their club’s actions.

ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards 2010:

Ireland’s biggest celebration of young people taking ECO-Action!

The ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Showcase and Awards Ceremony 2010, held on 12th May, saw over 600 young people from ECO-UNESCO Clubs across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland display their projects in Dublin. During the showcase, where young participants got the chance to show the public the great work they had done, ECO-UNESCO provided interactive workshops and hands-on ECO-Zones to further engage the young people in environmental education.

ECO-UNESCO’s National Youth ECO-Forum 2010 ‘World Wide Web - Young people exploring biodiversity’:
On November 24th the National Youth ECO-Forum brought ECO-UNESCO Clubs from all over Ireland together to celebrate the UN International Year of Biodiversity 2010, to explore the challenges and opportunities relating to Biodiversity, and to meet the experts and make their voices heard.



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