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International Conference on Global Immigration in Limassol Cyprus 20-21 November 2010
Thursday, 09 December 2010 13:35

Syprus_Conference_3The World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations (WFUCA) in collaboration with Cyprus Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations (CYFUCA) and the support of UNESCO organized on 20-21, November 2010, in Limassol, Cyprus the international conference titled “Global Immigration and Recent Trends”

The conference was a project directly related to the objectives, programs and resolutions of UNESCO as reflected in the published Document 35C/5 rev. for 2010-2011 of UNESCO (volumes I and II, paragraphs related to General policy and programs – sector of social and human sciences .

With this event WFUCA aimed in exploring the phenomenon of immigration on a social, cultural and humanitarian basis in order to apply the ideals of UNESCO for a smoother social cohesion.

Through organizing the conference it was intended to mobilize states and governments for better understanding of the needs and requirements as well priorities in order to create an adequate legal and social framework.

All speakers and the participants who adopted the final resolution stressed:

That Migration is considered as one of the major global issues, of the twenty-first century.

That The phenomenon is directly related with development and should  become an issue of priority in the policies of governments. Issues like racism and tolerance, diversity and xenophobia, intercultural dialogue and human rights are being connected and involved.

That Migration, as a result of economic needs, natural disasters, political crisis, religious issues, cultural prejudice, creates necessities for the creation and development of practices and policies. And that Illegal migration is often confused with legal migration having as a result the negative attitude towards people who are in a real need of a ‘new home’.

The_high_Commissioner_of_United_Nations_for_Refugess_in_CypruWith the conference on global  immigration WFUCA, and CYFUCA  supported by UNESCO intended to implement  the objectives and priorities, responding to ethical and  social challenges (Adopted Final Resolution).

Some objectives of the conference were the following:

To bring together governmental and non-governmental sector in order to accomplish an action plan;

To explore the background of the phenomenon of migration  within the framework of the inner needs for social integration;

To promote the ideals of UNESCO;

To indentify   recent trends on global migration.

To mobilize states and governments and to highlight priorities;

To initiate NGOS and institutions;

To establish principles and priorities;

To promote international standards, values and principles;

To promote   intercultural dialogue, and social integration.

To explore and study the networks and motives for migration.

The participants of the international conference were governmental and non- governmental representatives as well as representatives of the civil society, like Ministers of the Government of Cyprus, Judges of the Supreme Court of Cyprus , Parliamentarians, the United Nations Commissioner  on Refugees in Cyprus, presidents and representatives of national commissions  for UNESCO, students and teachers as well the head masters from associated schools of UNESCO  in Limassol Cyprus,   the director of international migration organization and other agencies,  the president of the municipalities and mayors in Cyprus, presidents of  local authorities and the mayor of Limassol, academicians and professor of Universities of Cyprus which hold NUESCO chairs in Cyprus, diplomats and high  commissioners of various countries in Cyprus, asylum services and the Police of Cyprus, the national office of FRONTEX (European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the EUROPEAN UNION) other representatives of International security eganicies, and members of the executive board of WFUCA.






(Source: Cypus Federation of
UNESCO Clubs and Associations)


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